Protect Artists From Abusive Non-Compete Contracts

Have you signed our petition against noncompete contracts yet?

In case you missed it, we created a petition asking the FTC to ban abusive non-compete contracts. Non-competes exist in a myriad of industries, often limiting where else an employee can work.

For artists, non-competes are used by some venues and festivals to restrict musicians from playing other shows nearby or within a certain time period. Not only does this harm artists’ ability to make a living, it makes it harder for fans to see their favorite acts perform live.

We’ve joined labor unions, consumer advocates, and antimonopoly groups to try and stop this unfair practice — but we need your help. The FTC takes public input seriously, so your signature on our petition could really make a difference.

We’re also asking musicians who have dealt with noncompete contract clauses to share your stories. We want to amplify your experiences on social media and ensure the FTC hears about them. Email ARA@artistrightsalliance.organd tell us how non-competes have impacted your career. (Don’t worry, we won’t share your name or any identifiable details publicly without your permission).

Artist-run, non-profit advocating for musicians, performers, & songwriters in the digital landscape. (Formerly the Content Creators Coalition or “c3”)

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