Mental Health (and more) Resource List Inspired by Alabama Advocacy Fund for Musicians

In a recent Words on Music (see video below), we spoke with artist and activist Erin Rae and Single Lock Records and Alabama Advocacy Fund for Musicians founder Reed Watson. They candidly expressed their thoughts and experiences around their own mental health and the overarching mental health of individuals in the music community during the COVID-19 pandemic. They lay out the inextricable link between financial health and mental health and how the existing inequities in the industry have become more glaring in 2020.

Drawing on inspiration from the conversation, we’ve compiled a list of resources for mental and physical health, addiction, suicide prevention, as well as anecdotes from artists speaking up about their own experiences with mental health.

Additionally, if you are in need OR if you have the ability to share, please visit Alabama Advocacy Fund for Musicians.

Resource List

The Advocacy Fund for Alabama Musicians

Porter’s Call

Music Health Alliance


Alcoholics Anonymous Online

Virtual NA Meetings

Internet Meeting Adult Children of Alcoholics

Find an Al-Anon Electronic Meeting

Crisis Text Line

7 Mindful Organizations For Musicians & Their Mental Health

NAMI COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide

Musicians Who Have Opened Up About Their Mental Health Struggles

Musicians Struggle More With Mental Health | MusiCares



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