Maggie Vail Joins Content Creators Coalition Executive Board

Portland, OR — The Content Creators Coalition (c3) announced today that Maggie Vail, Executive Director of nonprofit CASH Music, is joining the Executive Board of the artist-run non-profit advocacy organization.

Ensuring that artists can make a living at their craft has been more than just a passion; it has been central to my career in music. The work c3 is doing to fight for artists’ rights is vital for musicians in the digital age. I am truly honored to join the Content Creators Coalition Executive Board and look forward to helping c3 continue growing as an invaluable resource and advocate for artists,” said Maggie Vail.

The Content Creators Coalition is thrilled to welcome Maggie Vail to our Executive Board. As an artist and indie label manager, Maggie sees the challenges artists face in today’s world every day. That unique perspective has helped her lead CASH Music’s efforts to empower artists in the digital age and will help boost c3’s efforts in advocating for music creators and lovers alike. We look forward to working with Maggie as we continue fighting for artists rights,” the Content Creators Coalition said.

Maggie Vail is the Executive Director of nonprofit CASH Music. CASH’s mission is to help artists become sustainable in the digital age. CASH builds free, open source digital tools and pairs them with educational resources for artists and fans. Maggie is also a partner at Semaphore Mgmt. & Consulting, label manager of Bikini Kill Records, bass player of the band Hurry Up, DJ Magic Beans, and part of the all-female DJ troupe Strange Babes with a radio show on She’s been a musician and worked in the industry for nearly 25 years, spending 17 of those at Kill Rock Stars.

Vail joins Rosanne Cash, Melvin Gibbs, Tommy Manzi, John McCrea, Tift Merritt, and Matthew Montfort on the c3 Executive Board.

Artist-run, non-profit advocating for musicians, performers, & songwriters in the digital landscape. (Formerly the Content Creators Coalition or “c3”)

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