June 20th, 2018

Content Creators Coalition Condemns Inhumane Separation Of Families At America’s Southern Border

[Washington, D.C.] — The Content Creators Coalition today released the following statement condemning the inhumane separation of families at America’s southern border:

“No I would not give no false hope

On this strange and mournful day

But the mother and child reunion Is only a motion away”

Paul Simon

The Content Creators Coalition was formed to give individual creators a voice in the policy decisions that shape our lives and our art. Nine days out of ten, that means advocating for things like fair treatment for artists, smart copyright policies, and thoughtful rules of the road for the digital economy. But some moments — and some issues — overwhelm those core concerns and compel us to speak on broader, more fundamental, more existential issues.

Today, we join millions of our fellow citizens in condemning the shameful and inhumane separation of families at America’s southern border.

We recognize the Executive Order just signed by the President and will be watching closely to see if this produces a real and sustainable solution. We urge him further to replace the Secretary of Homeland Security with a new leader who will immediately begin the work of finding all children separated from their parents by our government and immediately reunify them, while providing appropriate trauma and counseling support. And we urge all representatives of our nation working on the border to refuse to ever again strip innocent children from their families.

We each grew up at a time when America strove to be a moral leader in the world. From the Soviet gulags to the Killing Fields of Southeast Asia to the famine wastelands of sub-Saharan Africa, people all around the world found hope in our example. We may not have always lived up to those weighty expectations, but we tried.

As President Obama said in his remarks on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Selma marches: “Young people behind the Iron Curtain would see Selma and eventually tear down a wall. Young people in Soweto would hear Bobby Kennedy talk about ripples of hope and eventually banish the scourge of apartheid. Young people in Burma went to prison rather than submit to military rule.”

What do young people around the world see when they look at America today? “Tender age” detention camps for infants ripped from their mothers’ breasts. Mass trials and railroad justice. A gaping empty black hole of missing girls, whose whereabouts, condition, or safety our bureaucrats will not even reveal to Congress.

That is what they see. But hopefully they also see an enraged, inflamed citizenry that has refused to accept this as the new status quo. Who will not sit by silently while lifelong damage is inflicted on innocent children in our name. Hopefully, in the coming days, weeks, and months, they will see democracy re-assert itself — and ensure this evil policy is truly ended.

All of us have a role to play. Reuniting and adequately caring for these families is possible — it is “only a motion away.”

We ask everyone who supports c3 and our work and everyone who has been horrified by the crisis at the border to call their representative and demand that Congress ensure this policy is ended, that the Secretary of Homeland Security be replaced, and that all appropriate efforts are being made to reunite and care for these families.

The number is (202) 224–3121.

About c3:

The Content Creators Coalition (c3) is an artist-run non-profit advocacy group representing creators in the digital landscape. C3’s work is significant to anyone who creates and makes a living from their creations. c3’s objectives are two-fold: First, economic justice for musicians and music creators in the digital domain. Second, ensuring that the current and future generations of creators retain the rights needed to create and benefit from the use of their work and efforts. C3 has grown into a national organization based on representation, advocacy, and mobilization for sustainable careers in the digital age.


Artist-run, non-profit advocating for musicians, performers, & songwriters in the digital landscape. (Formerly the Content Creators Coalition or “c3”)

Artist-run, non-profit advocating for musicians, performers, & songwriters in the digital landscape. (Formerly the Content Creators Coalition or “c3”)