Content Creators Coalition Launches Ad Campaign Targeting Senator Ron Wyden Efforts To Derail CLASSICS Act

Artist-Run Group Calls On Senator To Stop Putting Retirement Security Of Elderly Artists At Risk

The artist-run Content Creators Coalition (c3) launched a new ad and social media campaign targeting Senator Ron Wyden calling on him to drop his efforts to derail the CLASSICS Act.

The bipartisan legislation corrects the injustice where some digital radio services have refused to pay legacy artists to use their music recordings before February 15, 1972 due to a quirk in the law. The CLASSICS Act would close this loophole in federal law and ensure that music creators who made those timeless recordings finally get their due. The bill is part of a broader series of music licensing reforms, known as the Music Modernization Act, which was unanimously passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in April and is expected to be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee in the near future.

The full-page ad will run in this week’s edition of The Portland Mercury, as well as on the newspaper’s website. Additionally, c3 will be running similar ads on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Senator Ron Wyden recently introduced the so-called “ACCESS to Recordings Act,” as a clear attempt to cynically thwart the consensus, bipartisan legislation that would ensure compensation for elderly artists. c3 recently called out Senator Wyden’s efforts which, “[P]uts the needs of the dominant tech platforms and big radio conglomerates above the retirement security of elderly artists.”

About c3:

The Content Creators Coalition (c3) is an artist-run non-profit advocacy group representing creators in the digital landscape. C3’s work is significant to anyone who creates and makes a living from their creations. c3’s objectives are two-fold: First, economic justice for musicians and music creators in the digital domain. Second, ensuring that the current and future generations of creators retain the rights needed to create and benefit from the use of their work and efforts. C3 has grown into a national organization based on representation, advocacy, and mobilization for sustainable careers in the digital age.

Artist-run, non-profit advocating for musicians, performers, & songwriters in the digital landscape. (Formerly the Content Creators Coalition or “c3”)

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