Content Creators Coalition Highlights Artist Support For The CLASSICS Act In New Ad

Music Community Joins c3 Petition To The End Rip Off Of Older Artists

Ray Parker, Jr. and Four Tops Founding Member Abdul “Duke” Fakir (Photo by Margarita Corporan)

As part of the Content Creators Coalition’s (c3) campaign to rally artists and the broader music community around ending the injustice where some digital music services such as SiriusXM have exploited loopholes to not pay royalties when using classic pre-72 music — some of the most iconic and influential songs ever recorded — c3, along with our allies in the fight to pass the CLASSICS Act, is running the following advertisement appearing Wednesday in Politico to highlight the broad artist support for the CLASSICS Act. Since December, when c3 first sent this petition to Congress in support of the CLASSICS Act, the effort has grown from the original 38 artists to now include over 200 artists and eight leading music organizations.

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