Artist Rights Alliance Names Stacey Dansky as New Executive Director

Artist Rights Alliance
3 min readFeb 2, 2022


Washington, D.C. — The Artist Rights Alliance (ARA), an artist-run, non-profit organization fighting for songwriters and musicians in the modern music economy, announced that former longtime Viacom vice president Stacey Dansky has been named Executive Director.

Stacey has been plugged into copyright affairs and creator rights issues in D.C., serving as Vice President, Government Relations at Viacom, Inc. for 10 years. Prior to that, Stacey served as Chief Copyright Counsel on the House Judiciary Committee, drafting legislation to establish a public performance right in sound recordings and identifying copyright issues to bring before the committee.

“I look forward to Stacey’s creative guidance through the next phase of growth for the Artist Rights Alliance,” board member Rosanne Cash says. “It’s a critical time for setting the future for young musicians, and we want to leave a legacy of protection and stewardship. Stacey is enthusiastic, curious, and brings her wide experience and expertise to a leadership role in our mission.”

“ARA’s greatest strengths are its artist-led Board and its hard-earned reputation as a trusted and effective voice for the music industry’s songwriters and performers,” said incoming Executive Director Stacey Dansky. “In recent years, the organization has proved its ability to organize broad coalitions by elevating the voices of working artists. I am excited to carry on that tradition and to expand our work into vital areas including arts education and COVID-19 relief. The issues on which the ARA is focused have never been more urgent. Along with our partners and peers in the creative community, we have much to do.”

“Stacey (Dansky) is an incredibly talented person, with a wealth of knowledge about law, policy, and politics; a love for music; and a demonstrated passion for artist rights. The Artist Rights Alliance is unquestionably in good hands, and along with its exceptional Board leadership, by artists and for artists, the organization could not be better positioned to tackle the challenges ahead,” said outgoing Executive Director Ted Kalo, who will continue to support the organization in an advisory role.

During Kalo’s five years at the helm, the ARA has become one of the most respected and trusted voices advocating for artists and songwriters in the music policy landscape today. It successfully advocated for the inclusion of robust songwriter protections in the Music Modernization Act and supported the Copyright Office’s implementation efforts that led to the recent payment of nearly $500 million in “black box” royalties to the Mechanical Licensing Collective. In 2020, the ARA led a nationally recognized effort to de-politicize the use of music used in political campaigns without artist consent. The effort drew strong support from Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Lorde, Pearl Jam, Sia, and other internationally recognized musicians.

About the Artist Rights Alliance:

The Artist Rights Alliance is an artist-run, non-profit organization fighting for songwriters and musicians in the modern music economy. It is led by a Board of Directors including GRAMMY winner Rosanne Cash, artist manager Thomas Manzi, John McCrea of CAKE, critically acclaimed Americana singer/songwriter Tift Merritt, award-winning producer Ivan Barias, world guitar innovator Matthew Montfort, and Indie label executive and musician Maggie Vail. ARA works to ensure artists are at the table when decisions are made on policies that affect their lives and livelihoods and empowers artists to advocate directly for themselves through classes, events, and presentations to demystify music, politics, and the spaces where they intersect.

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