Notice anything different?

The Content Creators Coalition (c3) is now the Artist Rights Alliance — a name that better reflects our mission and the work that we do. With our new name, logo, and soon-to-be-updated website, we’re excited to continue our work of advocating for artists and creators everywhere.

Since our inception, our goal has been to foster a community of artists and fight for their rights, particularly in the ever-changing digital landscape that has fundamentally changed the way art — and music in particular — is consumed.

It’s our hope that our new name better respects and represents the work our members do as inherently valuable, unique, and culturally enriching. Artists don’t just create content — they create art.

As technology continues to change and evolve, the Artist Rights Alliance will remain committed to fighting for a digital economy that works for everyone.

We’re happy to have so many musicians, songwriters, producers, and other artists as members of our alliance and look forward to growing and continually bringing in new voices.

It’s more than a name change. Over the past few years, we’ve learned from experience about what is unique about our advocacy. We are going to lean even more into that independent voice. We’ve had a lot of discussions about how we can bring even more value to our community and have translated those discussions into concrete changes we will be announcing soon.

We are excited for what is next and grateful that you are a part of it.

Artist-run, non-profit advocating for musicians, performers, & songwriters in the digital landscape. (Formerly the Content Creators Coalition or “c3”)

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