ARA Statement on Gun Violence

WASHINGTON DC — (May 27, 2021) For decades, gun violence has been an epidemic in this country. What should be places of community — schools, houses of worship, concerts, grocery stores — have become sites of tragedy time and time again. It is uniquely American and uniquely horrific.

Our hearts are with the Uvalde and Buffalo communities, and we continue to remember the countless others impacted by gun violence.

We have had enough of the shallow “thoughts and prayers” from lawmakers who abdicate their responsibility as legislators and leaders and claim there is nothing that can be done. We know that mass shootings can be prevented. We know that common sense gun laws are effective and that they are supported by the majority of Americans.

We call on lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and at every level of government — Do your jobs. Protect your communities. Make gun safety legislation a top priority, and put an end to this American tradition of tragedy followed by inaction.

For more information and to learn how you can support common sense gun legislation, visit ,,, or



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